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Products we sell:

Arborist Ropes:
    Columbian Specialty Ropes
    All Gear

Carabiners & Rope Snaps

Cable & Hardware

Chainsaw Chain & Bars

Chainsaw Maintenance Parts: Pull Cord & Handles, Air & Fuel Filters, Sparkplugs, Bar Nuts, T-Wrenches

Chaps- for Chainsaw Protection

Climbers (Spikes, Spurs, Gaffs),  Bashlin Industries

Climber Pads & Straps

Climbing Saddles- Weaver Leather

Files & File Handles

Hearing Protection

Hardhats with Hearing Protection


Rope Bags

Safety Glasses

Safety Vests- High Visibility

Saws - Hand and Pole Saws,  Silky Saws

Throw Bags & Throw Line

Pulleys & Blocks

Web & Rope Slings


Wound Dressing Spray

Weaver Leather- Extensive line of arborist products: Climbing Saddles, Rope Bags
Throw Bags, Climber Pads and Harnesses, Accessories
Yale Rope & Cordage- Climbing and Rigging Line
Columbian Specialty Rope- Climbing, Rigging, Static Line
All Gear Rope & Cordage- Climbing/Rigging Ropes, Prusik Cord, Throw Line
Bashlin Climbers- Climbers (spikes, spurs, gaffs), Pads and Straps, Nylon Slings
Silky Saws- An excellent line of saws: various sizes of Hand Pruning Saws and Telescoping Pole Saws with extended lengths up to 21'.

Tree Climber Trees

Curved Saw IBUKI 390 Large Teeth

Truly professional heavy duty curved hand saw – Silky’s alternative to the chain saws. Ideal for the toughest pruning jobs! Japanese for “Big Axe”, Ibuki has the biggest, thickest and largest toothed blade of all the Silky saws. The large, comfortable hand grip provides excellent control over the full length of the saw. The heavy duty 15-1/3" blade has 6.5 teeth per 1.2" which are designed to cut on the pull stroke for fast, efficient cutting. Included with the saw is a sheath which features a belt strap as well as a ring attachment that allows attachment to a tree saddle using a carabiner. Most suitable for pruning large branches at lower and higher position. Ideal for aggressive cutting and efficient chip removal. $79.90

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